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  1. Hello I was wondering if it by any way is possible to copy any kind of background in a picture and then use this copy to paint in another picture? I need a picture to have the same background as another picture. The background is not found on the internet or made up; its taken on location with a unique background and this is the one I need in another picture too. Perhaps its possible to use a brush tool? Copy it and then post it? I really need your tips. Thank you
  2. Hello Im capturing pictures with a side angel 11-16 mm on a nikon dx camera. When I am importing photoes into affinity, it seems to crop the photo a little bit. Basically, it makes the photo smaller without me telling it to. Do you guys have any idea about this this issue?
  3. Hello afonya, seems like we're having some of the same issues.
  4. Hello MEB thats is correct. I make adjustments which is possible in the software, it just tends to freeze - looks like a software issue. And yes, when Im going back from Develop Persona to Photo Persona it freezes. regards
  5. This is the photo in Affinity fulge og nedgang.afphoto
  6. Hmmm. Actually yes - but the software should work with all its functions not matter what. Do you get my point? ;)
  7. I dont think it has something to do with the picture itself - it has just happend with another picture. Its freezing and just saying Develop with a loadling-bar
  8. That all good Jeff - again; thank you very much. This is the picture with the bird put in on it
  9. Hello Jeff thank you very much for your reply. Despite I wrote, that the issue only occurs on my pc - it just happend for me that my laptop make same problem. Whats exactly happening: I am editing a photo, putting in two other photos which is cutted out. When I want to change the color of these two external photos I will enter the Develop Persona. When applied, I click Develop. The it takes me back to Photo Persona and a small box appears with "Develop" - then nothing more happens. The program stops.
  10. Hello I am using affinity trail version on my pc. It has around 8 GB of ram and a fairly good gpu. When im making bigger editing it tends to overspending the ram that much so the program will have to be closed by my. If not - the pc starts to freeze. On my small laptop it works just smooth. Do you guys have idea of whats wrong? regards
  11. Hello Im wondering if its possible to buy affninity one time and then install it on more than one computer? regards
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