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  1. I have always performed this using the same method. Something has changed in the software. The line settings are set correctly. My workaround seems to work with shapes but not letters. I think I'll have convert the letters to curves and add the stroke using Appearance rather than just Stroke. This seems to work. Very cumbersome way to add a simple cutline that is so simple in other packages and was simple in AD previously. I appreciate you taking the time to respond..
  2. When I added a new stroke using the Appearance Panel and deleted the original stroke, the problem resolved itself.
  3. When I use the Pen Tool to create a path to be used as a cutline for my printer/cutter, the printer software is interpreting these as multiple lines on top of one another instead of a single curve. If I use a shape tool (e.g. rectangle) there is no such issue. It only occurs when using the Pen Tool. The attached image shows how the curve is being interpreted. This is a single curve in AD but shows up as two lines is Versaworks (printer rip software). This does not occur in files created previously in earlier versions of AD; only 1.7.1. My business as stopped and I cannot send out any jobs. Please help.
  4. My business is at a standstill as I can no longer create proper contour cutlines!!!! Every job is late.