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  1. Any further information on when this bug will be fixed? It has been around for ages now.
  2. rx2

    Unhandled Exception 0x80004003

    I have the exact issue. Affinity Designer crashes on startup with an unhandled exception error. Opening with the Test file provided above, the error goes away. However, open Affinity directly then the unhandled exception occurs again. However, I have found a resolution, at least for my setup. Once the test file is opened, I move the Affinity window across to another screen (I have a surface pro 4 with an external monitor), then close the app. I can now open Affinity directly without any exceptions.
  3. Hi - I am new to Affinity Designer and have been working through the tutorial "Affinity Designer - For Beginners Too". As per tutorial I am using the Add Operation Tool with the ALT key, to enable a non-destructive add (Compound). However the result looks a little glitchy. See attached image, glitch highlighted with blue circle. When doing a destructive add i.e. with no ALT, it looks fine. Is this a bug? Cheers Robert