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  1. After the new update today with Affinity Designer 1.5.3 i no longer can access my self made assets for UI design. ​The program crashes each time i try to access it. Any way to maybe delete this? did not have so much there, but still sucks :(
  2. So I bought the program just for UI design use, and with constrains always crashing. My program is useless. Dont get me wrong, i Love you products. But this bothers me. Any news on when the new update is due out?
  3. Thanks the program now works fine when launching. But still some of the unexpected crashes when using constrains does bother me. I aslo have had to reduce the amount of ram Affinity Photo is allowed to use to keep is from being more unstable. Allowing it to use all my 4gb of ram was not a good solution. but scaling it down to 2 or 1gb fixed the problem. Just something u might look into on future updates.
  4. Thanks but this does not work, because the file is not there. The app also keeps crashing when i use restrictions in the app. When is the new update coming out?
  5. Hi I have Dffinity Photo and just bought Affinity Designer aswell for work purposes. But the designer app keeps crashing when i try to launch it. ​The strange this is that if i open a file in "Designer" it does NOT crash. ​ ​The crash message i get is: ​An unhandled exception has occured and the application cannot continue. ​The crash reporter wil be displayed after the application exits. Code: 0x80004003 ​I am using a Surface pro 4 i5 ​Windows 10
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