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  1. Windows 10, x64 With "snap to whole pixels" option turned on: 1. Create a rectangle, select it, press and hold ALT and drag the cursor to copy the rectangle RESULT: new rectangle does not snap to whole pixels EXPECTED: new rectangle should snap to whole pixels. 2. Create a rectangle, select it, press ALT, release it and keep dragging the cursor to copy the rectangle RESULT: new rectangle snaps to whole pixels. EXPECTED: the same Shouldn't items that are created by ALT-drag snap to pixels? I think that they should.
  2. CONFIRMED: uninstalling Rivatuner statistics server helped - Affinity Photo launches without problem! :D
  3. Wow, max890, thanks! I also got Rivatuner running, I will check it at home!
  4. Yes, I have 2 monitors, one running 1680 x 1050, second 1920 x 1200. But I always launched AP on the second one (with bigger resolution).
  5. My crash report: http://www.evermotion.org/files/upload/d705a825-44a8-4583-882c-50513c1208ff.dmp
  6. Thanks for reply. I will send crash report in the evening, I use Malwarebytes AntiMalware antivirus software. But I guess that AP stopped working after Win10 creators update.
  7. Any support, guys? The software is not working at all. After looking at the recent topics here I see that you are flooded with issues like this C0000005 exception but you could at least give us some estimated time of fixing it. Or reassurance that you ARE gonna fix it ASAP.
  8. Suddenly - windows 10, 64bit, (with creators update), Nvidia 1080: I launch AF and can only see this error mesage. http://imgur.com/ymMKfSW System was restarted, Affinity was reinstalled - nothing changed.
  9. Hi! Yes, I know it's only visual glitch, but it makes me constantly checking if it's my error or only Affinity Photo's rendering - which distracts a lot. If it can be fixed in future versions, it would be great.
  10. Edges of an image show semi-transparent pixel on some zoom levels (Windows 10) which is very confusing. Example:
  11. +1 - it's a must to see guides outside the canvas area, extended to the rulers.
  12. +1 for this feature. Sometimes I need to make a project from 100 pasted layers. I need to crop them and rasterize them all before I export them as slices - it works great, but rasterizing layers one by one is quite slow, we could use an improvement.
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