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  1. Haha, I have a workaround... I now type some spaces and a dot. Set the color of the dot to transparent. Ugly, but it works.
  2. First thought option + space was a non breaking space, but it is equivalent to a tab.. How would I get a space that is treated as visible character on the Mac?
  3. That is a good idea. I experimented with TextEdit which has the exact same behaviour... I didn't realise that spaces at the end of the line are normally ignored in right alignment. Odd...
  4. Thanks for your reply. However, this does not achieve what I am trying to do. Indenting moves all lines to the left. Probably when I am typing a paragraph, and it continues on the next line it will allign to the far right, but I have hard returns, so this won't work. I have a code block of code with mono spaced font, so manual spaces would be no problem in this case. Normally you would indent a code block from the left, but in this special case I want to indent it from the right. I am just a bit confused by the choice to ignore spaces in the right alignment of text. I will end op setting tabstops I guess... Ah. no, tabs are ignored at the end of the line too. Hmm... I'll work around it by making it a separate text frame, for the line which needs to indent.
  5. How can I make the right align of a text frame respect the spaces at the end of a line? Right now, if the last characters of a line are spaces, the line is aligned by its last visible character, not the last character of the line. I am trying to indent lines from the right.
  6. mrmotionblur

    [AD 1.5.4] Context toolbar disappeared/hidden

    I have the same problem, disappearing context toolbar. Affinity Designer v1.5.5, MacBook pro retina 13" early 2015, Sierra 10.12.3 Connected a Dell P2415D through the HDMI port @ 2560x1440 When I do "Customize toolbar" it appears at the utter top left. My menubar is on the external screen, my dock is on the macbook screen (positioned below the external monitor in the control panel) Have been moving screens around, menubar, resolution, but not been able to get the toolbar back. It remains somewhere on the left of the visible area.
  7. mrmotionblur

    Style pallet drawing bug

    Just updated to version 1.5.5 The style pallet becomes transparent and the tabs don't show anymore.

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