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  1. I'm using AP on a Macbook Air. When I have a photo on the screen, I sometimes want to move it. Oddly, when I put my curser on it and drag right, the photo moves to the left. It always moves opposite to the curser movement. Is there a setting for this? Thanks.
  2. When I reopened AP, things were working normally. Temporary glitch? I'll have to watch it. Thanks for responding.
  3. In AP, when you import an image to put on top of another image of the same size, is there an automatic way to get a perfect alignment? Thanks.
  4. Engine44

    Lining Up Images

  5. Engine44

    Filling In

    In AP I have an image of vegetables. I have removed a small piece and would like to fill the missing area with the vegetables behind it. Which tool would be best to perhaps clone or copy the vegetables so that everything looks complete and cohesive? Thanks.
  6. Engine44

    Filling In

  7. I’ve made a selection of some scattered pebbles on a path. I am trying to use the Flood tool to recolour them. How do I get only the selected pebbles recoloured? Thanks.
  8. Engine44

    Selective Colouring

    Thanks all.
  9. Engine44

    Blending - AP

    Is there a complete tutorial on blending somewhere? Thanks.
  10. In AP when using the Clone Brush Tool, I notice that the new cloned area is a bit blurry compared to the original. I am currently using my finger. Is there an adjustment for that? Thanks.
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    Clone Brush Tool Question

    So don’t use my finger alone, choose a brush first?
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    I would like to flip a layer horizontally. I chose the layer and selected Transform Studio. I clicked on the flip button but nothing happened. Did I miss a step? Thanks.
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    Thank you. I hadn’t selected the Move tool.
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    I would like to add some texture to some elements. Is there a setting somewhere for that? Thanks.
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    Thanks, I’ll play with it.
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    The styles I see are way more than what I am looking for. I just want to be able to change the surface of an element from smooth to rougher. The tool, if it exists, probably has a slider or perhaps number inputs.
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    Sorry, I’m talking about AP. I would like to add/adjust textures in some elements of an image.
  18. I've been working with the ipad version for a while and now I want to spend some time with the Mac version. One of the first things I notice is that the pad on my Macbook is imprecise. Would a mouse work better or are there better options? Thanks.
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    Layer Question

    Let’s say you have 16 layers and each layer is divided into a pattern of 16 squares. Each layer has a red square in one of the 16 locations. Each location is represented only once. The remaining 15 locations on each layer are empty. With all layers visible, would you see a solid red field? Would it appear the same as if you had only one layer with all 16 positions filled with red? Thanks.
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    Layer Question

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    Image Clarity

    In general, will an image look brighter and sharper when viewed on the ipad as opposed to looking at the printed matte image? If printed on glossy paper, will it look closer to the ipad image? Thanks.
  22. Engine44

    Printing Issue

    I just completed a couple of composite photo projects. They look great on the ipad. But when I printed, they came out quite dark and lacked detail. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks.
  23. In the image below, the tower is tilted backwards a bit. I would like to get it to standup more straight. I’ve been playing with Perspective but to no avail. Do I need to keep playing with Perspective or should I try something else? Thanks. Hmmm, no image. I keep getting a -200 error.
  24. Engine44

    Lost Files

    I have an ipad air 2. The new upgrade of AP has been running somewhat slowly so I decided to delete and reload the app. After the reload, my files were gone (only 2). I didn’t expect to see them in the app but they had been saved to my ipad. Why or how could they disappear from my ipad? Thanks.
  25. Engine44

    Lost Files

    UPDATE: Apparently, when you use “Save”, AP saves it to a created folder it names “Photo”. When you use “Save A Copy” DO NOT save to that folder.