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  1. sick of it crashing and i need to edit to feed tiny mouths. like everything you buy in a shop if you are not happy you should be able to get your money back.
  2. thank you so much, i was going under and that was a life belt well thrown. comedy but i was looking for help again today on line and saw someone with the same problem... it was me!!!! thank you again for the help. I'm just starting out and this area is needing a lot of attention. I'm generating work on twitter on @kelseyheadshots
  3. hi, can anyone lead me to any tutorials helping people edit headshot. all the tutorials i can find don't help with the problems faced when editing a human head.
  4. hi, im so sorry if its a simple fix but any help would be appreciated. what i liked doing on my mac was to review images on a full screen, since down loading affinity it loads up the images and i can no longer flick through very large images to choose from. thank you
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