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  1. I would love to see you guys having a look at Rhino. This Program has a bunch of awesome features witch would fit in affinity designer just perfectly. For example there are features witch allow the user to array objects along a curve, in a circle or in a rectangle. other handy features are 'connect' witch connects two individual lines by expanding them till they meet up. Fillet, a feature with connects two curves in a circle. they also approach moving a object in a different way, by setting a reference point to move from. This allows the user to move a object in one position by referri
  2. In Rhino you get the sections, Floor plans etc. generated out of the 3D model. You don't have much control how the lines are generated from the model. I get what you are saying. I recognised that Affinity Designer names these layers with more than one curve "curves" and the ones wirh line or parh "curve". Its quite annoying to find a eloquent solution. But thank you all.
  3. thank you for this Tip with Inkscape! i dont think you could export architecture plans so you get a working fill. its just not how these plans work.. you do get the hierarchy of lines with the export, but sometimes you want to change that later on.. Do You think that this feature (Break Apart & Ungroup) could be implemented into future Affinity Designer versions?
  4. if you open the file i attached, select the Rhino-Layer and divide it, the result needs corrections.. but in a big file with many lines.. this would take a lot of time.
  5. i got all that. The thing is that Rhino, the software that exported the drawing has put several open curves into one curve-layer so you can't break down the Drawing in the Layers Panel. So what I actually want to achieve is to kind of detach alle the open curves an see them as individuals curves in the Layers Panel that way i would be able to group them and change the style of individual curves. I can make a copy of the drawing, delete all lines except one.. repeating this process with all the lines .. and i would end-up with the result i want to get. but that would take hours and hours.. I
  6. I dont know if i understood that correctly, is this a problem with AD or is the divide tool just not supposed to work for this purpose ? And if so, is there or will there be be a way to to this? thanks :)
  7. thank you! The elements of this file are made with Rhino. But if you draw a single line with AD and you divide it.. you get the same results :(
  8. i think i figured where this Problem breaks down to .. if you draw a single Line, and you divide it you end up with a closed curve. like a doubled line. is that normal?
  9. All the lines are closed curves now , which causes problems quite often... curves problem.afdesign
  10. i got drawings to work with that contain curve layers with more than one curve stored on that specific layer. because this is not how affinity designer works, i would like to have every single line on another layer, so i can group them and change thickness and style. i tried divide. but most of the time it all gets messed up.. is there a way around? thank you :)
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