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  1. What frustrates me about all the weird anomalies trying to use AP with Photos including flattening any image you save back to Photos, is that On1 Photo RAW has this implemented perfectly. Including being able to re-open any edited file with all adjustments intact including layers etc. It’s nowhere near as nice to use as AP, but I'm afraid until these issues are fixed, AP no longer fits into my workflow. If they can do it, surely the clever folks at Serif can if they really want to?
  2. I'm trying to make the move away from Lightroom and Photoshop CC. I like Apple Photos as an asset management tool, and am really enjoying getting to grips with Affinity Photo. I do have some issues related to RAW workflow however I can't figure out. If I open a RAW file in the "edit in Affinity Photo" extension, I go into the develop persona, make my adjustments, develop, then make any further adjustments in the photo persona, and close the window, all edits show in photos and everything appears normal. If I click on the info tab in Photos, the metadata still shows all the RAW file attributes. If I then try to edit this file again, when I click on the edit tab in Photos, a JPG symbol appears at the top of the photo, and when I open in the Affinity extension again, it removes all edits and places the untouched RAW file into the develop persona again! There is no option to "Use RAW as original" in photos when I use the approach above. If I start with a JPG and edit in the same manner (apart from the develop persona obviously) , I can return successfully time and again (even on different machines) to edit the file and all aspects including layers, filters, history etc. remain intact. I realise this may be a limitation of how Photos interprets the round-trip files from Affinity, but would welcome any help / suggestions / thoughts on how I can overcome this issue. It's really the only thing stopping me from cancelling my CC Photography Subscription plan and ditching Adobe altogether!!
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