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  1. Hello all, Similar problem here A couple of days ago i installed Filters for Mac in order to use it as Photos extention. The app as standalone works properly, but when used as Photots extention it freezes when i apply and save the changes. Every single time. Here is what i tried to do in order to solve the issue: * move filters to trash and resintall from appstore. No results * move filters to trash, use recovery option of Sierra, re-install Sierra then install Filters again. Still the same. * Create a new library on my "system SSD" with ONE picture and try to edit it. Still freezing when saving changes.. Note : my library is on an external 2TB WD firewire drive, other data is on the internal 1TB drive. System on SSD drive * now i'm running out of ideas. Photos Extentions configuration seems ok in the preferences menu * I tried other applications from other companies like "Borders" and it works perfectly as Photos extention. * Recently i decided to abandon Aperture and as replacement i would really lke to purchase Affinity Photo sofware TO USE AS PHOTOS EXTENTIONS but under these circumstances.... unless i can fix this.. * by the way my Imac is 27" Late 2009 4 GB ram. Maybe more peopla have the same issue..? (by the way, thanks for all the info and help you provide!!) Thanks, Felix
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