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  1. It's for printing boxes so theres direction labels and die cut lines then the artwork, which is transparent. Between me the supplier and the box maker it's just causing some hassles along the way. When i exported the design in black it loaded ok in illustrator. Must be something to do with all white on a pdf export? Could be a bug or maybe i'm just missing something somewhere
  2. Hey mate, Long story short, i was able to load it into Illustrator (layers and guides didn't show, just all the curves in one hideous list), then it needed to be exported as an Adobe PDF to be read properly with the layers and guides. I just signed up for Illustrator for a month, otherwise i don't need it. However if this comes up again which it likely will i'll still need it...can't get away from it! I tried all the PDF export settings out of Affinity. Also, when applying any masks in Affinity, they didn't render out as vector so when loading in Adobe, anything with a mask or effect loaded as a terrible jpeg like image, not sure what settings or process avoids this? Could you tell me the settings you exported with out of interest?
  3. Hello, i'm having an issue exporting a PDF for a print job. I have different layers for the artwork, the guide and the notes. When i export the file it is just a flat PDF with a white background, as apposed to a PDF that opens with the layers. How do i export with the option to show hide layers in other software, or even with a blank background? At the moment the white artwork just gets flattened into a white background and i'm just exporting a blank image. Thanks.
  4. I ended up purchasing a 12 month Photoshop sub. Still using affinity designer but the other one is useless as long as this brush thing keeps happening without explanation.
  5. Hey MEB, So yeah, still stuck on this brush, it's been about a year now so i can't remember to be honest however i feel like i ended up there making adjustments to cut around some hair, it never changed back since then.
  6. That doesn't work - i'm still using this same stupid hair like brush for everything haha. I got about 1 more job in me before i switch out for another program..
  7. Hey Meb, I tried both of those and not working. Should i just try re install?
  8. I'm trying to just get a basic brush but everything that says 'reset' doesn't rest them (under more button and also under preferences pane)...any other ideas or is this a bug?
  9. Hello everyone, I love this program, the interface is very appealing, the tools are super easy to understand and i've found my self coming back to this from illustrator a fair bit since the first beta to see how the program is progressing. I'm still trying to figure something out and as I've decided to fully migrated my work to Designer, it's time i seek help to solve this problem i continuously run into. 1. I have an image, it's very simple; just begging to be vectorised. 2. I made it into a vector using Super Vectoriser (because there was no vectorising function in affinity?!?) 3. I import the PDF into Designer and there are 3 distinctly seperate shapes. 4. My main question, how do i select one of these shapes and either move it to another layer, make it a different colour, do anything with it essentially....at the moment if i try make it a different colour to the other shapes everything changes, all i seem to be able to do is delete a shape by selecting the nodes. Surely i'm missing something here haha?? THANKYOU for any help. Very much appreciated - i usually find answers to my problems here but i couldn't find this in the forums..
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