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    Arinamymn reacted to Shmoo in Affinity Designer + future apps listed at Lynda.com   
    Maybe this is a bit silly to ask but I'm a real fan of Lynda.com and the way they teach people how to use software with essential training video's.
    Is there maybe some opportunity that the Affinity people can reach out to Lynda.com and provide them with a top designer who knows Affinity Designer inside out. I would really like to have some sort of training course about this software. Tutorials are create and very helpful (thanks) but I think when you really want to start doing things right you need a solid understanding of all the settings, tools and layouts before you can start creating stuff..
    I bought Affinity Designer at launch day and to be honest I haven't got the most out of it. When I see video's like this show up at Vimeo I feel like really stupid not knowing such a great feature is part of the app and I'm not using it.

    When someone professional teaches you all the essentials you can't miss out on these features and will never forget to use them because they become part of your workflow.
    Edit; changed feature to future in topic title.
    Edit 2.
    Update, released.