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  1. I purchased the Mac version of Affinity Photo and was at first very satisfied. However the day previous to me writing this I went to import a few RAW files and found the application would just hang for a long time, whereas on other computers with programs like Photoshop loaded, those would load almost immediately — certainly loading faster than this did. Then when it came to using the Develop Persona, I found myself again restricted because I couldn't do anything while it was developing and again, the application often hung during this process to the point that after several minutes the app was still apparently developing (when it worked, the Develop dialogue box went away fairly quickly, and I applied the exact same settings from the 'Basic' tab each time). I at first tried to import 38 photos so I took this into account when it came to the importing process, however again this was slower than I've experienced in programs like Photoshop or Lightroom — then I lowered this number from 38 to 15, and found that this didn't help. Throughout this entire process I found myself having to force quit the app and restart it because it just stopped responding. In the end I had to import photos one-by-one, working on only one image at a time, and exporting that single image before importing the next. This took me an excruciatingly long time.

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