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  1. After setting the color picker source to "Current Layer", it still picks using the "Global" setting when using the option-click shortcut for picking a color. Can there be a way to set the source and have it stay that way when using the option-click shortcut?
  2. Thanks for the response! This is half the issue, so I appreciate you pointing out the feature - I totally missed it. In Photoshop, when you select a color picker selection source, it persists in other modes (like painting), so when you use the option-click/drag shortcut to select a color, it uses the source type you set. It appears Affinity doesn't do that, and I'm not sure what purpose that serves. Is that a feature that can be changed in the settings somewhere? EDIT: Bump?
  3. In Photoshop, you can set a simple preference for the eyedropper, to pick the color from the currently selected layer, or the resulting color from the displayed (flattened) set of all layers, or some other options: I regularly paint on a layer underneath other layers, and in PS I can select colors from the layer I'm painting on while I work. In Affinity, when I use the color picker while I'm painting, it picks the resulting color from all layers, which means that new color is dramatically wrong when I apply it to the "underpainting" layer. Is this an existing feature I haven't been able to find? Or is this simply not an option in Affinity?
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