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  1. Just tried the same with JPG files - same result!
  2. Following an HDR merge of 3 CR2 (Canon RAW) files, in Photo Persona I apply a Levels Adjustment layer & the software crashes - it happens every time. Any suggestions?
  3. I've been getting used to Affinity Photo for a couple of days now & the more I use it the more I like it. I watched a pile of instructional videos & tried a few things out & so far I'm pleasantly surprised at what it's capable of I've used Photoshop for years in an amatuer capacity & my issues with it increase at a steady rate. First off is the price - Photoshop is now just too expensive for me. Second is bloat. Photoshop has whole areas that, even after years of use, I never touch such as 3D, video, artwork etc. Photoshop also comes bundled with Lightroom which is OK but for me, not required. Bridge is also not for me as I'm quite capable of organising & cataloging my 10,000 or so photos. So now I'm almost convinced that I'll switch to Affinity Photo. It's far less resource hungry, I like the way it works & it produces outstanding result. My only problem is that my Photoshop subscription lasts until September and that's just the final kick in the teeth from Adobe. So yeah, goodbye Photoshop, hello Affinity Photo.
  4. Ah! OK, I see. Re-impressed now. Thanks
  5. Hi I've started using Affinity Photo just today. I watched a few tutorial videos and am starting to familiarize myself with the software. As a result I gradually became very impressed. Now a great deal of my work involves restoring old photos and usually my first task is cropping & straightening the scan & (because the photos are usually faded) I next set the white point. Perhaps because I'm a beginner with AP I'm unable to find how to do this. In the Develop Persona there is a white balance tool but for the life of me I can't see how it's supposed to work. On the White Balance menu to the right of the screen there are options to adjust both Temperature & Tint but what has that to do with setting the white point? Nothing as far as I can tell! So my question is how do I click on a point in the photo that I consider to be white and have AP change that to white? If this isn't possible I shall be extremely disappointed as such an adjustment seems to me to be a pretty basic and essential adjustment. In Photshop it is dead easy. If AP can't do this then it's of little use to me.
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