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  1. Hi Jon P, the thing is that the exported image has a different color scheme as it had in affinity, even though I exported it with the same profile as I used in affinity to display it. Do you get what I mean? The pictures usually should be in SRGB IEC61966-2.1, which is also what affinity tells me. The only workaround is to use Document -> Convert ICC -> Samsung profile and then export it (in the case it works fine, even though its displayed differently in IrfanView and the Windows Viewer unless I uncheck that the profile is being included in the export). Let me see if I can upload a sample affinity file with the export, and a screenshot as comparison. Best wishes, Nikor
  2. Hi there, I usually solely work with sRGB IEC61966-2.1 but unfortunately the exports looked like crap, so I tried every installed ICC profile and realised that the profile that the exported picture looks alike is the Samsung Natural Color Pro. I thus checked all the settings, converted the ICC to sRGB again, set it manually in the exporter but it still didnt work - it kept exporting with the Samsung profile. In the end the only solution I could find was to convert to the Samsung profile and, additionally, set it manually in the exporter instead of using document profile. This does not seem to be a solution on the long term. Maybe someone else has made similar experiences and can confirm this bug. Many thanks!
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