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  1. Thank you all for your help. Thanks to the different ways of solving my problem, I've learned a few new things. Thanks.
  2. Thanks @JimmyJack. That's a very nice solution. One further question though: If i change the gradient of the group/parent layer, i change the gradient of the black shadows again. Meaning, i have to set them back to black again every time?
  3. I realize that illustrating the hand-drawn sketch needs a re-thinking on my side. Thanks for your explanation. It's helping me. Thanks. I have to try that too. It looks promising and doesn't need so much positioning of extra shapes (i guess).
  4. Thanks a lot for your reply. So that means i have to precisely match the gradient of the patch? Is it even possible to be done perfectly? And the size of the arrow shaft? I use the boolean operations to "cut out" a perfectly sized patch-shape?
  5. Hello Affinity users, I'm new to designing and i despair on a (i suppose) simple task. I try to create a graffiti and have issues with overlapping letters/shapes with shadows. I need a small hint how "one" would do that. I attached a sample which should show my problem. Left is a hand-drawn sketch what i try to achieve: A letter "D" with an arrow which drops its shadow to the rest of the shape with a gradation from light blue to dark blue. Thanks a lot for your help! Claus graffiti_letter.afdesign
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