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  1. Here you go. Manleys Belvidere Ford Website Template.pdf
  2. Hello. Every time I open a PDF the any font that I do not have gets wacky. What I found out is when I click on the text of that field, under character, the "Tracking" for all my font is changed to an absurd amount (Usually in the few hundred %) It's also never the same amount. I can manually select each text field and just reset the tracking to 0% but this gets a little tedious. I feel like this could have something to do with my setting but really I am unsure, this has been happening since I first got this program a little over a month ago. I'm attaching a GIF of me opening what the P
  3. Howdy Support, Just wanted to show you guys a bug I ran into that crashes the client. Now it is possible that this has been brought up before, didn't really search for it as there are work arounds. But to put it simple, when I open a PDF in Affinity Designer, go to "Replacement Family" option, then Use the Arrow Keys at all to move up and down in the selection of Fonts it immediately crashes the whole program. Alternatively you can just select a font of course but I just wanted to bring this to your attention. I also attached a GIF of me crashing it so you can see for yourself.
  4. +1 this, would be a great feature, would be a good reason for me to completely leave Adobe.
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