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  1. I perhaps shouldn't be referring to 'effects', as I'm only really concerned with colour treatments made to the imported image. I still feel like I'm missing a step, because when I export I end up with a PDF that looks the same as the version I've imported.
  2. Any reason that this question hasn't appeared in the forum yet? I'm trialling AD, and wouldn't be purchasing if this question can't be answered with a solution or workaround.
  3. I hope I'm missing something that so far doesn't feel so intuitive... I'm trying to export a (scaleable) PDF for print, and am unable to figure out how to flatten the image prior to export so that all colour/effects are incorporated into the file (without raster). I've tried multiple export options (PDF), but it feels like I'm missing a step. Is there a way to 'flatten' the 'group'? And is a scaleable PDF possible via any export option so that the resulting image appears as vector? Thanks in advance.