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  1. Apparently the problem happens when both monitors are turned on and I start the program. If I start the program with only one of them activated, everything is normal
  2. something New. I created a new document and tested RGB/8 and RGB/16 RGB/8 The white background is tanned in both monitors RGB/16 The white background is tanned in Samsung but White in LG. I'm attaching a photo taken with my smartphone, but I'm not sure if you will see. This the RGB/16 image with the background showed partially in one and another. But, even if we could consider the problem semi solutioned (using Affinity Designer only in the LG) the color pallete shows a tanned white in both monitors
  3. I didn't change the ICC profile. I couldn't even find where is it. I have to monitors and the problem is the same in both. One of them is a samsung Syncmaster 2232BW and the other is a LG 23" All of the other softwares and programs show the white background when a blank new document is created, so I don't think the problem is the monitors. I have a program that can pick the colors inside any other program (ColorSchemer Studio) and I 'picked' the "white" baground of the Affinity Photo. Look ate the attachment and notice: 1 - There is a rectangular for wich is "white" over the "white" background and both are yellowish. 2 - The color tha ColorSchemer picked is not white. Is 255,252,219. I think that, if the problem was the monitor, the color picker would get a 255,255,255 3 - At the righ bottom of the image you can see the document navigator, wich show the correct white and there you can se the yellowish rectangle. Any ideas would be very apreciated. PS: The same problem occurs with Afinity Designer and Afinity Photo
  4. I've just installed the 1.5.2 update and started a new document with a white background. The white is not white. It is a bit "tanned", or with a bright yellow shade. I pasted a print screen inside the document to compare the white background of a Instagram page with the white background of a new document. I'm attaching a screenshot so you can see what I'm saying I've tryed to change Color Profiles. Both RGB Color Profile and 32bit RGB Color Profile. Nothing changed. I'm using Windows 10 The new document setup is attached too. Thanks for your attention and any help would be apreciated
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