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  1. I am trying to merge a levels adjustment with my background. The background is a simple black and white drawing, with no other layers currently. every time i try to merge, the program freezes and wont do anything. I have never had this problem before, even when working with more complex documents. My CPU is not capping... its coming to around 60% being used by affinity photo with nothing else running. Not quite sure whats going on. Any help would be wonderful. Thanks!
  2. Hi humans I've just recently purchased affinity photo. I've never used any sort of photo editing software in my life. I am trying to separate a very detailed and complex drawing from its paper backround so i can edit from there. Its black ink on white paper. I have attached photos of the drawings to better understand. I have watched plenty of videos which explain how to do it in photoshop, but none in Affinity Photo. I started watching the tutorials that are supplied by Affinity, however, I am not aware of which tutorials would specifically benefit me for this project. from what i understand, a lot of the work done should involve masking, white and black adjustments etc.. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. I have little to no idea on how to go about this 001.bmp 002.bmp
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