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  1. robert61

    Call for Camera Images

    sent Pentax-K50 and Canon S100 pics to dropbox. Let me know in case you need more pics or something specific cheers Robert
  2. Thanks for solving that, cheers Robert
  3. Hello, are there any news on this topic? cheers
  4. Hi Chris, open, close and reopen does not solve it, I recorded my test, video is here: https://1drv.ms/f/s!...HEH7znHM8zAm52K Also the picture I used and infos from my PC are located there. cheers, Robert
  5. are there any news on this topic?
  6. Hi Chris, cannot attach the raw .cr2 file to this post, error message: "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file" sorry. Find raw .cr2 and .jpg generated by the camera itself here: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AiSANxbABU00wHEH7znHM8zAm52K Cheers Robert
  7. Hi, Is this the wrong channel to get in touch with suppoort team here? I expected to get a response from support team regarding my issue. Please let me know, if there is another way to get support. cheers
  8. Hello, Need help to autocorrect distortion. Raw photo is taken with Canon S100. Canon's own software DPP does lenscorrectio fine. RawTherapee (with Adobe lens profiles) also corrects the image automatically In Affiity I can not find an automatic, only manual distortion correction helps. In the assistent,lens correction is switched to on. Find attached screenshots or same picture in Affinity, Canon DPP and RawTherapee. Thank you for any hints and suggestions, cheers, Robert