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  1. Zoom 100% - some objects OCCASIONALLY appear smaller (see att.). It appears that below a missing pixel. But that's not true at higher zoom is displayed correctly (see att.). Retina MacBook Pro 13 (2014) @ 1440 × 900 — Mac OS X 10.10.2 with Affinity Designer 1.2
  2. pavelkout

    layer effect copy and paste

    Thanks for the advice. The same procedure used Macromedia/Adobe Fireworks.
  3. pavelkout

    Export to PSD - Webdesign

    I agree, this is also now has the highest priority for me.
  4. pavelkout

    Merge Character/Paragraph panels

    Thank you, that'll be great! He's now working with text in simulation design websites not work with two panels comfortable. For example, in the Character panel missing line height.
  5. Please merger Character and Paragraph panels in a single panel, which will have to switch tabs.
  6. I want to report of long-term error—bad czech character „č“ (lower case only; UTF-8: %C4%8D) when opening PSD (see att.). Thanks for fix. test-cz.psd