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  1. Hi! Oh, that would be amazing! I hope your reports will contain some informations (mine were empty, as you saw). And maybe you will able to provoke some app crash to see why it happens at all. AP is absolutely amazing - I was joking to my husband that this is true love: I love Affinity and hate it same much ☺ (If there won't be any freezes and crashes - it will only pure love remain ♥ ) Thank you for your involvement in this topic :) I'm looking forward some news!
  2. Crash usually happens when I use Mesh Warp, Zoom (in or out), switch to Move Tool. Screenshot presents CPU usage when crash. I attach new one with casual usage.
  3. This is how it looks like... (my SSD disk still has 14GB free space) f9c565e7-b44d-4e1a-bdf1-1b8966d03b5c.zip
  4. So do I get help? Why AP is slowing down all the time? Why simple actions are taking so much time? I updated my graphic drivers but it didn't help. I do have no further ideas for solving my problem. Do you?
  5. I wrote about this - these reports are 0 bytes. I attach print screen how it looks like, but I can't find more reports elsewhere.
  6. Hi, Thanks for response! I attached two compressed crash reports (there was only way to attach them - singular file was 0 bytes). I wrote about high RAM usage, but maybe there is another problem which causes slowing down the AP (it happens when I switch tools and I use most of them all the time). You know this loading sign, when there is no response from program. I have to watch this like twenty times before I end up with one photo retouch. And I have to wait until it response again. Sometimes it ends with crash. My PC has 16GB RAM and it was real mistery for me when I noticed, that after this "no responses" adventure my operation SSD disk was full. It has "eaten" few GB. Then I searched any caches to delete (but Internet says that Affinity saves no caches). I cleaned up system files, I did defragmentation and I gained 15 GB. crash reports.zip
  7. Hi, I got the same problem (Crash report 0xC0000005) but I had opened only browser. And it happened several times already. And I have problem with high RAM usage (4GB) with only one RAW opened. Any ideas? (PS. sorry for my possible mistakes - I do not use English very often :/ )

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