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  1. I have my AFDESIGN docs under a few levels of folders and subfolders in Dropbox. When trying to open docs a few levels deep, AF Designer on the iPad gives an error message saying "Can't save file." or something similar. If I move those same documents upwards in the folder structure, they do indeed open successfully in Affinity Designer for iPad.
  2. As someone who uses both the Opener app (https://www.opener.link/) and Affinity Designer in iOS, I'd like to have URI action support in Affinity Designer on iOS. This support would allow me to directly open .AFDESIGN files from whatever file system they're in: iCloud, DropBox... while using the iPad and automatically open iOS Affinity Designer with that file (similar to how files can be directly opened in Mac OS).
  3. When I try to display my list of folders "contained" within an Apple Smart folder by the File -> Open dialog from within Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo, the displayed contents are empty, even though the Smart folder is populated. Don't have this problem with any other Mac app.