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  1. By the way my original post was a month ago, and staff asked me to reply with a video link, which I did, and since then I've heard nothing.
  2. I'm hoping people at Affinity are monitoring this, as I'm still having issues with the software, and can't seem to figure out what's wrong. It also happens on my Mac at home so I know it's nothing to do with my computer. The only consistent between the two devices is I use a Wacom graphics tablet to do my work, which I guess not a lot a people use, so I'm wondering if my issues have anything to do with this? The software is rapidly becoming frustrating to use, and I'm seriously tempted to dump it. But I really don't want to because I love it. but if I can't see what I'm selecting it becomes impossible to use. I keep having to toggle "show context toolbar" which resets it temporarily. Please help.
  3. Hi Lee, I uploaded a video here https://youtu.be/X0nykaxsIDk I also created a new user account on the mac which seemed to work at first but now that is displaying the same issue. It seems related to "Show contextl toolbar", as toggling it off/on seems to correct the issue for a while.
  4. Miggyluv

    AD 1.4.3 Selection Issue (Blinking)

    Hi Ben If you do have the same issue as me, I've just found that toggling "show context toolbar" in the 'view' menu seems to have reset something and solved my problem for now. Not sure if this helps you?
  5. Hi guys, After a bit of playing around in the "view" menu, I turned off "show context toolbar" and noticed that the flickering stopped. Then I turned on the context toolbar again, and the selections appear as normal, with no flickering. This seems to have reset something, but I'm not sure what.
  6. Miggyluv

    AD 1.4.3 Selection Issue (Blinking)

    Hi Ben Is your problem similar to mine? I have a video on YouTube... https://youtu.be/X0nykaxsIDkAtfirst the selection is OK then about halfway through the video the selection flickers and then even though I can select items I can't see the bounding box? Creating a new user account on the Mac makes this issue go away, so it's something to do with the user account, but I'm not sure what yet.
  7. OK, I set up a new user account on my Mac and the problem has gone away. But this is a nightmare, because to start again with setting up a new user is going to take hours out of a work day that I just don't have. As the only app that is being affected is there anything I can do in my old user account to solve the problem?
  8. Hello, I've managed to record a video of the flickering and then disappearance of the bounding box. I've upgraded to Affinity Designer 1.5 and the problem still appears. Sometimes it works fine, and then all of a sudden I'll get this bug. On the video, it starts off working ok, I can click on objects and the bounding box appears, then I zoom out, and you see the bounding box flicker briefly, and then after that nothing highlights even though I'm clicking on items and highlighting text etc. I've uploaded a video to youtube for you to look at: https://youtu.be/X0nykaxsIDk What I haven't managed to try yet is creating a new account on my computer, which I will do now and report back.
  9. Thanks Lee and Matt, I continued to have the issue this morning, but since going for lunch and resuming this afternoon the problem has gone away. I'm not sure why. I guess there was something else interfering with some process somewhere or other. If it starts happening again I'll take a screen recording, and also look for anything in Activity Monitor to see if I can see anything in there. Currently in the top right I have the following running (nothing unusual really): - Adobe Creative Cloud (don't get angry, we have a client that specifies InDesign) :-( - 1Password Manager Then the usual: - Bluetooth - WiFi - Airplay - Sound - Date/time - Account name - Search - Siri - Notifications The iMac is a 27 inch, Late 2015 with a 3.2 GHz i5 processor, 32 GB Ram, AMD Radeon R9 M390 2048 MB Graphics Card. Cheers Mikey
  10. Hi, I'm using the latest version of Affinity Designer from the Mac App Store (1.4.3) on a brand new iMac 27" with a retina display using OSX Sierra, and I'm having trouble with the bounding boxes around selected objects. Sometimes they show, sometimes they flicker on/off, and sometimes they're invisible. I'm not changing any settings such as accidentally turning them on or off, so I wondered if this was a bug with Sierra/Retina display? Anyone else having this issue? It's making it quite difficult to use the app. Cheers Michael