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  1. Hey, I recognized that, when you want to cancel the Option of "Do you want to save this file" (.afphoto), than the Image is closing instead of cancelling Best regards
  2. christian_mit_ch

    [By Design] .CR2 file not opening properly

    Ahh alright, thank you!
  3. Hey, when I try to open a .CR2 File, all the se4ttings are set to Default. For example a monochrome is colored. How can I solve it or is it a bug in Affinity? Best regards, Christian IMG_0699.CR2 IMG_0926.CR2
  4. Hello, I have a problem with the aspect ratio, if I´m drawing a ellipse or a square. In the optionfield "transform" if i set the aspect ratio to locked and i resize the object with the mouse, it doesn´t matter if i set it locked or not. It´s only working if I´m pushing the shift button. Only if I´m setting the value manual, it´s locking it. I don´t know if this is wished or bug, it just confuses me a bit. Cheers, christian