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  1. Hey, I recognized that, when you want to cancel the Option of "Do you want to save this file" (.afphoto), than the Image is closing instead of cancelling Best regards
  2. Ahh alright, thank you!
  3. Hey, when I try to open a .CR2 File, all the se4ttings are set to Default. For example a monochrome is colored. How can I solve it or is it a bug in Affinity? Best regards, Christian IMG_0699.CR2 IMG_0926.CR2
  4. Hello, I have a problem with the aspect ratio, if I´m drawing a ellipse or a square. In the optionfield "transform" if i set the aspect ratio to locked and i resize the object with the mouse, it doesn´t matter if i set it locked or not. It´s only working if I´m pushing the shift button. Only if I´m setting the value manual, it´s locking it. I don´t know if this is wished or bug, it just confuses me a bit. Cheers, christian