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  1. Ah, interesting, and that makes sense. The profile for my MacBook Pro is currently set at 'Color LCD'. And Affinity Photo has its color profile currently set to 'sRGB IEC61966-2.1'. The image I was importing was also set for 'Color LCD'. I played around with the settings on Affinity's color profiles, but was unable to find a setting that would produce the same color as the image I am importing. Is there a way to figure out which setting corresponds to the color profile on the image? I've attached the image and some screenshots of my color profile settings. Thanks for the quick response. :)
  2. I ran into something I haven't found an answer for yet. When I imported an image into Affinity Photo I noticed that the color changed slightly once the image was in the program. When I subsequently exported this image the color remained different from the color of the original image. Why does this happen? What can I do to keep these colors the same? Does it have something to do with the color profile settings? Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Thanks for the quick response. :) Thanks! That fixed the problem and removed the viewbox entirely. My image is now exporting at the proper size. I would have thought the same, but when I opened the image in my browser (Firefox) with the viewbox set to 100% the image filled the entire screen, instead of appearing at the 50px size. I'm not sure why that happens. Is there perhaps a setting to adjust the viewbox to match the size of the image, similar to Sketch and Inkscape?
  4. Hi, I'm fairly new to AD, so there might an easy answer to my question that I have missed, but I am having some issues with my svg images exporting in the size I have them in the AD project. In other apps I've had no trouble with this so I compared the output between them to find that the width and height is set to 100% for the AD svg images, whereas a similar image in Inkscape for example, has the width and height set to a given size in mm. In Sketch the height/width settings are similarly set to the image size in pixels. Here are the size settings for my AD svg image: Here are the size settings for my Inkscape and Sketch exports of a similar circle svg image: By changing the width and height settings for the Affinity Designer image directly, I was able to get the image to show up in the correct size in my browser, but I'm hoping to find a place to perform that change upon export from Affinity Designer. (Since AD is my preferred program for creating svg. :) ) Also, is there any advantage to the 100% width and height settings that I am not aware of? I've attached the corresponding svg image files in case they are of interest. Circle_Size_Tests.zip
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