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    Typeface drop down glitch

    Please refer to this topic under the category "fixed", in order to grasp the essence of the problem. FYI I am running up to date version of AD. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/28293-jumpy-font-list/
  2. Dear Affinity dev team, Indeed not fixed ... I do know it's been posted before but honestly, after such a long issue lifespan I don't care about your forum rules etc. How and when the issue with typeface selection will be solved? And if it seems rude please excuse me!, it's the frustration from the product that causes such user experience! Otherwise I do enjoy using your products, except at this particular moment (which lasts months now!). P.S. the idea of having a separate beta version installed, is not something that makes me feel satisfied either. The problem was noticed after adding some new typefaces in the Font Book. Your loyal client, Evgeni

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