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  1. You are right, thank you! However, this involves several or many steps when I want to accomplish this. It would be very useful if there was a single command which automatically creates a layer with a rectangle exactly the size of the project area and places it in the background. Then it should be possible to "cut out" areas from this background rectangle area. Then these cut-out areas could be colored with another color or simply removed.
  2. Does Affinity Designer have a Smart Color Wizard? It should be able to: Analyze all (or only the selected layer) colors in the project and then suggest one or more colors which best fit these colors by using different algorithms. That would be VERY useful!
  3. Hello! In Affinity Designer, is there a feature to replace transparent areas by a specific color? • Replace all transparent areas • Replace only the single contiguous transparent area I click on I have searched for this in the program, but I did not find anything.
  4. Scungio, thank you so much!!! Your video helped me to duplicate your solution and it works perfectly! I have learned so much here and I want to thank you all! Have a nice weekend!
  5. Hello MEB, thank you for your kind advice! I have tried to delete one of the two nodes at the corner with the Node tool and then drag the remaining node back to the exact sharp corner position. But that is almost impossible to do exactly. Or are there any tools to do this exactly?
  6. How can I make the corners of this icon more rounded: I tried the corner tool but did not understand it. Maybe you can look at the attached SVG, maybe you can tell me whether this is possible at all: picture LARGE.svgpicture LARGE.svg
  7. A_B_C, if I set Cap to round the dots become rounded which looks ugly. Only with Butt Cap the dots are squared.
  8. You are right A_B_C, setting the cap to butt changes the line type. But now this is still not a dotted line:
  9. I have set now the Dash values as you said but still nothing happens:
  10. Thanks for the answer. I have set the Dash values now to 0 - 1 - 0 - 1 but nothing happens.
  11. I need to create a simple square with a simple dotted line. Until now I created the square but I did not find a "dotted line" option:
  12. Now the program has crashed. (I am using the Beta). Sorry, that's enough for today now. But THANKS for all your nice help!
  13. Ah, the Arrow Shape. That seems to be better. But the thickness of the line seems to be synchronized with the thickness of the arrows. How can I set them separately?
  14. Thanks for your patience reglico. But I cannot find the Vectorize command. Only the Rasterize command.
  15. Thanks reglico. With the Line Mode button, it works. No need to double-click. Why is the Line Mode button (or one of the other Mode buttons) not automatically selected when I click the Pen Tool?
  16. I have discovered that additionally after having drawn the line I have to pull on one of its ends to actually draw the line. Why can I not simply draw a line like with a real pen in the real world?
  17. Sorry if this is a very stupid question. But I need to draw a single straight line. So I select the Pen Tool, hold down the Shift key to make it perfectly horizontal, draw it and it appears. Good. But then as soon as I click the Move Tool the line disappears! Why?
  18. This feature would be very useful: An algorithm analyzes all colors used in the document and changes them to a harmonious color set. Then it presents a preview of several different (random) proposals on how these colors are distributed in the document. Then the user can pick the proposal he likes the most. This is how it could be achieved: For example, the document contains these 3 colors: ColorA, ColorB and ColorC. Then, starting from a CustomSetOfHarmoniousColors, the algorithm parses all document colors and for each document color, it searches the nearest color in the CustomSetOfHarmoniousColors. Then, it approximates each document color to its nearest harmonious color by a preset percentage.
  19. Is this a universal law? I think it would be useful if a node could join more than 2 other nodes.
  20. Thank you very much, you have helped me a lot! So curves must always be ONE linear line of joined nodes? And there cannot be more than two lines going out from one single node?
  21. Please see the attached screenshot: In Affinity Designer, I have a curve in the Nodes view. How can I join the two blue-marked nodes with a straight line?
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