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  1. I'm not getting any sound with the built-in tutorials. IPad sound does work on other apps.
  2. Hi Sean, Here is a diagram that shows the problem(s). Note that another problem, probably related, is that colored squares in the legend at the lower right also do not display in Designer. I include the MagicDraw .svg file, the .afdesign file, the pdf export from AF, and a pdf export from Graphic. Jeff OV-5b L3 Direct Broadcast Quality Monitoring - from MagicDraw.svg OV-5b L3 Direct Broadcast Quality Monitoring.afdesign OV-5b L3 Direct Broadcast Quality Monitoring - from Designer.pdf OV-5b L3 Direct Broadcast Quality Monitoring -= from Graphic.pdf
  3. Designer opens and renders most SVG files correctly. However I use a Systems Architecture Modeling program, MagicDraw, that exports some SVG features that Designer incorrectly renders. I am able to get correctly rendered SVG files into and out of Designer if I first run the file from open to export from AutoDesk Graphic. I do prefer working in Affinity Designer, so I would appreciate a fix of this bug. Attached are 3 files: An export of an example of an incorrectly rendered SVG of part of the diagram from Affinity Designer, An export of the correctly rendered SVG version, again from
  4. I haven't been using Affinity Designer for a while because I was having good luck with Graphic. I decided to try again today to see if maybe the fault cured itself on my 2016 15" MacBook Pro with touch bar. I was able to open an SVG made by MagicDraw, read by Graphic, and saved by Graphic. AD did open the SVG from MagicDraw directly, but an old issue remains where AD does not render rasterized text (rotated 90°) at all. Graphic does handle those rasterized images - it's the reason I switched to Graphic some time ago. I now also have the problem that AD will not Save nor Export anything
  5. I just now updated macOS to 10.12.3. Affinity Designer still won't open SVGs or PDFs made by other apps. The Mac's Preview app, TouchDraw, and Graphic apps produce files that Affinity Designer can't find.
  6. I'm having a similar problem with Affinity Designer on a new MacBook Pro running Sierra macOS 10.12.2. I can't open SVGs or recent PDFs from other apps. I'm getting "The file was not found." I get this Designer dialog whether the file is in iCloud Drive or in the Mac's SSD Documents folder.
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