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  1. versfader,  


    You sound a little harsh on here because believe me, Affinity has spend A LOT of time getting to know their users and their needs.  


    This feature is available in the latest builds of Affinity.  It is called Lock Children.  You can now resize your shape independently, resize the image that is being masked, move your mask while keeping the Children Locked and move the children without moving the mask.


    I encourage you to spend more time getting to know the forums and the software for the benefit of your needs.  


    P.S.  This is officially your first step to dumping Creative Cloud.  Welcome to Affinity.

  2. Using El Capitan, you can not search for an Affinity document by file name using the File Open Dialog.  Files come up un-selectable as if the file type is not recognized by the system.  


    Can anyone else please confirm that this is happening on their end or not.  I've even re-installed El Capitan and it seems to be a system issue.


    I've had an issue similar in the past: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10103-open-window-differences/

  3. I've been running Capitan since it launched with no issues. They're weren't as many new features this year they mostly focused on stability and performance so its been very solid.


    Except that when your trying to search within a File Open dialog it is broken.  You can not search for any Affinity file by Name.  This is the only thing that is preventing me from upgrading.  It worked fine in Yosemite.  I have Hundreds of Affinity files that are labeled by file name and then a Number after the name.  I can't search for the number.  I have reported it several times to Apple in the Developers Bug report since El Capitan came out and now two updates later, still no fix.

  4. I am able to import SVG files that have hidden layers so it only seemed logical to be able to export them as well.  It's not a problem to select all layers and make them visible before I export, it just doesn't look very nice when layers overlap or when a layer is representative of an artboard or another page.  

    SVG is an open standard whereas .afdesign is not so this does make it difficult for certain people to exchange files easily. 


    My issue was that I was sent a licensed SVG file that had hidden layers.  I made some changes and sent them back to the original licensor of the file and he was not able to see the hidden svg layers that I made changes to.  It just seemed awkward to have to select all layers when the SVG standard allows hidden layers.


    On the other hand, I'm sure that there are instances where someone might want to export to SVG and not have hidden layers contained within the file either.  I know that in AI hidden layers are exported whether you want them or not so I guess there is an argument on both sides of the fence.  


    I just want you to know that I couldn't be happier with Affinity Designer/Photo and you guys have given me more options then I could have hoped for.  I am more than happy to work around some of these little incompatibilities and don't find them to be a major problem at all.  If someone really needs something that AD doesn't offer then they can use some other program that provides that compatibility.  It really bugs me when someone complains and threatens to switch to something else.  There is nothing better than Affinity for the price!


    Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful tool for the price and thank you for your unbelievable support!  I owe you a lot more than I have ever paid for your software.

  5. Joey,

    The Serif team doesn't like to give time frames because of unexpected issues when they add new features. Your just going to have to wait like the rest of us for that much need feature.


    There was a lot of work getting art boards to work properly in this lastest update. I would imagine that as soon as they find that everything is stable and the little bugs and crashes have subsided we will start seeing more "new" features being added again.

    I'm not sure if this helps but you can open your AD file in AP and use the warp tool there and then apply the change. Then you can reopen the document back into AD. This is all pretty easy to do using the file menu.

  6. You may want to explore using "compound shapes" for what you want to do.


    I didn't have access to my laptop when I sent this reply(mobile), but here is an quick example of the sun if you haven't figured it out yet.  You don't have to worry about how long you make your horizontal lines if you do it this way.  The only other thing that you could do would to be use the subtract boolean but this way is non-destructive.




  7. This issue is still not fixed with the latest Apple update 10.11.1   


    Has anyone else experienced this?  Try to open a file in Affinity Designer using El Capitan and search for a partial file name.  The folder defaults to "My Mac" and not the current folder.  It appears that you can not search for any Affinity designer file using the search.  All affinity files become non selectable when using the search.  You can search for images(jpg,gif,etc.) however.  

  8. I don't have any plans for it yet, but I don't know if you'd want to risk "moving" it.  


    I put moving in quotes because 4 months after I bought this machine, the hard drive died.  For no reason at all.  I've never had that happen to me with a Mac, and was really shocked.  When I took it to the Apple Store to have it fixed, I was told "never move it"...y'know...a LAPTOP.  So much for being portable, and all that.  XD  I haven't had problems with it since, but the superdrive on it sucks, too.  I have to shove a disc in there 4 or 5 times to get it to accept it.  Then, the CD or DVD will just randomly pop out at any given moment, destroying most attempts to burn things or watch movies.  That's sucked since about my 3rd year owning this machine, and since I didn't renew AppleCare, I didn't bother getting it fixed.  I just get by with it for all of its dysfunction.  This is the first time I've ever had problems with a Mac that weren't age related.  Really disappointing.  Would you still want it with all these problems?...and that's not even counting shipping cost.  T_T

    Sounds like it has aged before its time but I am looking for a backup laptop that I can just throw in a bag and use in a pinch.  We can discuss specifics if you are truly interested in getting rid of it.   I'll PM you with my email address.

  9. I understand your point now. That's the default behavior in illustrator except illustrator doesn't display the object as it's being moved like Affinity does. That was one of the main reasons I like Affinity over AI.

    I would think that it could be easily set up as an option somewhere in the settings if enough people request it. You might want to post this in the feature request section.

  10. Hi Signguy


    Im getting this in other apps also, even Apples own ones, so I think this is more the OS side as we call the window from the OS


    I'm not seeing the greyed out files though, is it just affinity files this occurs with?

    If you call the window from the OS and you are also seeing this issue, is there some way to report the issue to Apple as a developer?  As a user, the only thing I can do is get on their blog but they never have any interaction like the folks at Serif Labs do.  

    It seems quite ironic that Apple would put so much time in their search features with 10.11 El Capitan but break a simple open window dialog and not catch it during the beta period.

  11. I have tried this with native applications like Pages and Numbers and the open / search windows behave normally.  It is only the Affinity window that I am experiencing this issue with.  Sometimes I also get previous search queries that remain in the window and then I am unable to search for anything. (Please see photo below)  The only thing I can do is close Affinity and reopen it to remove the goofy text issue.  


    Because I can not use the search query as I would like, It is impossible for me to use it.  


    I have reverted back to Yosemite on my production computer because of this issue but I do have a 2015 MacBook Pro that is running El Capitan and it also has been experiencing the same exact issues.  


  12. I have upgraded to OS X El Capitan and when I try to open an AD file and select my folder in the panel, I can see all of my files just fine.  However, when I try to search for a file by name the following happens:


    1. The open dialog defaults to "This Mac" instead of the selected folder - I have checked the settings in Finder and it is properly configured to Search the Current Folder when using search.  I would think that this would become the default for all searches.  It's not really an issue to select the folder heading at the top of the window to change the search folder.


    2. When I do select my current folder, ALL of the affinity files get greyed out and do not allow me to select them to open them.



    Is this a bug in Affinity or in El Capitan?



  13. This is a quote taken from a review written by Ars Technica:


    And speaking of Mountain Lion, Apple is almost certainly going to drop extended support for that release once El Capitan is out. The company usually supports the newest version of OS X with point releases that can add larger fixes and new features while providing smaller security-focused updates to the two trailing releases. You ought to be able to get updates for Mavericks and Yosemite going forward, but Mountain Lion is done.

    So if you’re using a Mac on the support list but you’re still using 10.6, 10.7, or 10.8, our recommendation becomes more forceful: update. If not now, then soon. Aside from the features you’re missing, you aren’t getting important security updates for the OS or for Safari anymore, and you may be putting yourself at risk.

    I would imagine that Serif would drop support for Mountain Lion as well going forward?  
  14. Thanks MEB!


    I thought about just dragging ruler lines out and designing that way but I like the ability to snap to grid lines better (more control over entering gutter dimensions).  Moving the zero point will be a great addition in the future.  


    I was able to set up the grid to the correct size even though the zero point was off and then aligned and snapped my text and graphics to the grid.  Once I duplicated everything that I wanted, I turned off the grid lines and simply selected all the objects and centered everything to the page.  Worked out good enough for me.  


    One thing that I did have an issue with was my objects did not want to snap to the divisions.  I set each axis to have two divisions.  I was using latest Beta.

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