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  1. VampireTom

    Input box missing

    Yes I do and I moved it. So how do I get it back on screen?
  2. Hi, for a few days Im missing the input box, when I try to edit a selection size, or use a filter. All I got is this cursor, as shown in the attached picture, wich is bugging me. Any ideas how I can switch back to the normal input box? Thanks in advance
  3. VampireTom

    After update Affinity Photo 1.5.1

    Sorry, Ive got the german version. It might be the pentool (shortcut "p") like most I switched from PS and it´s the same icon... or I called it wrong the whole time :S Yes, Mark´s advice solved the problem. Thanks
  4. VampireTom

    After update Affinity Photo 1.5.1

    Got the same issue with the pathtool