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  1. Greetings, I am researching my software choices. Experiences are with Photoshop CS3. I have tried the Lightroom/PS 7 day trial. Someone from another forum recommended Affinity Photo. I am the try before you buy kind of person so a Windows Demo would be nice. But I realized it is not available. I have watched some Affinity Tutorial Video's on Youtube and so far it looks pretty straight forward to learn. I like the Idea of purchasing. I am not keen on giving Adobe a monthly fee to rent their software. Plus after using Lightroom to work with some of my photographs I realized that if in the future I decided that I did not want to use Lightroom that most of my changes might be stuck in there and not able to export the edited images. So I am looking in another direction. I was wondering if any of you all had experience with Photoshop and now are using Affinity Photo and what insights can you offer. One of the things I have noticed is that there seems to be a problem with Affinity Photo and Google Nik Collection. Is this true? Thanks and I will be around. Ron
  2. So maybe I am not thinking in the right way. When I first loaded the 7 day Adobe Trial Version I was immediately thrust into LR. I watched some LR Video's and got to testing. I really never opened up Photoshop CC. I just stayed in Lightroom as it had most of the editing that I normally do all right there. LR was not hard to grasp and learn quickly. Getting to use to the organizing power of Collections was something new to me. I am use to making a copy of the original photo, fire up Photoshop and edit away while leaving the original intact in another folder. I don't know right now what I want to do, but listen thanks for all the feedback. It has given me more things to think about now.
  3. Thanks for the Welcome. I have just upgraded computers to handle my editing of Photos and Videos more efficiently. I have an HP Envy I7 with 16gb Ram, Dual Video Cards and Windows 10 Operating System. I am a drone pilot but I am also a long time Photographer (40+ years but Non Professional strictly hobbyist).

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