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  1. Hi I am trying to diagnose a really difficult compatibility issue whereby 4K external monitors temporarily (i.e. for 2-3 seconds) black out on when using certain features (clone brush tool is the easiest to make the problem occur) First thing to mention - this is not an Affinity specific problem, I can reproduce the same issue in Lightroom and Photoshop, and it is not image file specific. My reason for posting here is to try and determine if the problem is unique to my setup Steps tried so far 3 different 4K monitors (2 x Dell P2415Q, 1 x LG27UD68P) running at the default resolution (non scaled, HiDPI, 60 FPS) 3 different MacBook Pro 13 (all Early 2015 model with Intel Iris 6100 GPU). 3rd machine was a factory fresh unit, upgraded to latest version of the OS, installed Affinity and copied over a sample file - nothing else on the unit. 4 different Displayport cables (all different brands) The issue is obvious when it occurs, and is relatively easy to reproduce. I have loaded up a 16M RAW file from my camera, I don't do anything in the develop module so it is all just defaults. I then zoom the image to around 300 percent and just hit the space bar to toggle the brush from the circle to the hand tool, and after a few goes at that the screen will blackout maybe 20% of the time. I can only assume that when Affinity Photo does that toggle, there is something that is triggering a bug in the display driver that causes the monitor to lose sync. Can anyone confirm that they are working successfully with no issues using the MBP13 with a 4K monitor? huge thanks and appreciation
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