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  1. This, I think, is the problem. I had tried what everyone else suggested; the problem was that I was never getting the cursor for entering text. I never intentionally rasterized the text I had typed, and never was warned that that was going to happen. I presume it is something the Assistant does under certain circumstances (without warning!) or possibly I used the key combination Ctrl+Enter (since that was suggested somewhere in the Help info, along with various combinations with the Esc key. I had to completely retype the material I had set in AP -- in Ms Word. What I have learned from this is simply NOT TO USE AP for Frame Text!!! It's too unpredictable, and I have other options. However I do like the photo functions, and have virtually ceased using Photoshop.
  2. I've used DTP and graphics software for years, and I simply cannot figure out how your Frame Text works. It's not apparently like Photoshop, Word or Publisher. I can't find anything on it in the tutorials and Help and Support seem always to double-back to here. The little I can find does not seem to work as it says. Artistic Text works fine. But although I can type text into a frame, I cannot figure out how to modify it after that. I can't even select a word or a phrase to italicize it, say, or to correct a spelling error. Can you direct me to some help on this?
  3. On a new doc I pasted 4 photos to print, borderless (on my Canon MG7720). AP froze, asked if it could send data to you, and crashed. I went thru the whole procedure again with the same result. Checking 'Open Recent', I found just the start of my new doc; almost all of my work was gone - again. (This was only yesterday, so you may just not have got to it yet.) I redid the job with Photoshop. Today, I went thru the same steps with different photos and all went well in AP. Neither time had I saved my doc before printing (because I did not plan to use the collection again, and I still had the photos themselves), but that does not seem to be necessary. (Not saving, they printed fine today.) However I'm left not quite trusting to do anything serious with AP - afraid I'll lose hours of work. Is there a known instability with some/all Canon MG printers? I have not used AP a lot yet. It has some features I prefer over Ps (one is certainly the price!), but I am not wanting to commit a lot of time learning it if I can't trust it to print-out.
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