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  1. Hey Chris, ah! Got it - I was talking about the Surface Book, not the Surface Pro 4. This one has the dGPU built into the base in various models. I'm curious to hear your opinion about the new MacBooks ;) Seriously!
  2. Hi Chris, thank you for your reply. That does not sound very promising to be honest. The dedicated card would result in the more expensive model, with the dGPU and 256GB SSD. To be honest, currently I've also checked the new MacBook Pros and while it was a safe bet in the past, I now have my doubts with the new 2016 models (especially with the new keyboard and the missing ESC-key (heavy vim user)). What would be a better choice with a great screen like the Surface one for photo editing (PC laptop)? I don't really need a tablet, but the diplays looks fantastic. Maybe some give me hint or recommendation :) Thanks! Dennis
  3. Hi, I've just bought Affinity Photo yesterday (mainly to jump off the Adobe subscription bandwagon). I'm considering to buy a new "laptop" - in quotes, because the Surface Book tingles my fancy by far the most. I'm peeking for the smalles model, the i5 with 128GB SSD (96GB free as I've seen in a electro market yesterday) with no dedicated GPU, but comes with the integrated Intel HD Graphics 520. The display has a resolution of 3000x2000. I wonder if two things would work: - does Affinity Photo it scale nicely? I've heard about problems with Windows software who did not scale good. - does Affinity Photo use a dedicated GPU that much, that it would make no sense to buy such a device? I would wonder about the latter one as a lot of Apple MacBooks also come with integrated GPUs (even though, they do use the faster IRIS graphics). Maybe someone here uses a Surface Book with this configuration with Affinity Photo and could give me a hint. Many thanks in advance! Ciao Dennis
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