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    axel got a reaction from hawk in Document icons   
    I figured I'd bump this rather than start a new thread. It's a small niggle but it seems that the solution was to use the application icon as the document icon, which is slightly confusing.
    I'd like to request proper OS X document icons for the files. The application icon should sit on a blank document with the extension below.
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    axel reacted to axel in Simplify font menu   
    My Affinity font menu is a mess. There must be a way to hide international/system fonts like TextEdit and other apps do. I realize I could login as root and delete the offending fonts, but I'd rather keep them around and have the app filter them out.
    Here's a comparison of TextEdit and Affinity Designer on the same computer:

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    axel reacted to A_B_C in Context clicking text only works on single words.   
    Hi axel,
    this seems to be fixed in the latest Beta ...  :)
    But you are right: It is a bug in the Mac App Store version (1.1.2) ... you can try out the latest Beta here if you want:
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    axel reacted to TonyB in Quitting with unsaved documents   
    I agree, we should show each document before we ask the user for input at exit time.
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