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  1. I became interested in buying the Imagenomic Portraiture Plug-in when I saw that Version 3 is coming out in a couple of months. Since I plan to wean myself off Photoshop CS6 (the last Photoshop I'll ever buy), I will be using all my plug-ins in Affinity Photo. I emailed Imagenomic if their Portraiture plug-in will work with Affinity Photo, and I received the reply, " . . . we have no plans at this time to support Affinity....you're only the 5th person that has asked about Affinity support since it's been out." Any Affinity Photo users who use the Imagenomic Portraiture Plug-in? Does it work flawlessly? (I can't believe that there are only 5 of us wanting to use the Imagenomic Portraiture Plug-in in Affinity Photo!) I don't want to spend money on a plug-in I will only be able to use in Photoshop.
  2. I sometimes use the Athentech Perfectly Clear plug-in to enhance my images. When I tried to use it in Affinity Photo, I get this error: "Perfectly Clear cannot get enough memory from Photoshop to process this large image. The Perfectly Clear plug-in is now returning to Photoshop without correcting your image." I am using Windows 10 64-bit with 32 GB of RAM, and I didn't have any problem running this plug-in in PSCS6 (the last PS I'll ever buy). Can you have your software developers look into and fix the memory allocation to the plug-ins?
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