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  1. Hi! I’m noticing several topics on here related to problems with touch input on Windows. I’m guessing it’s just not a high priority when it comes to development resources, but Photo is sooo close to being a really good drawing tool for me; I hope you’ll manage to work on this area more in the future. Here’s what I’m experiencing right now: Your pinch-to-zoom function is extremely fussy. Maybe one attempt out of twenty works. Mostly, I just end up with a brush-tool streak across the screen. I don’t see a lot of other people talking about this, so what I’m experiencing might not be common. When I tap the text box to enter a brush width, my on-screen keyboard opens, then immediately closes. If I try again, my start menu opens. This behavior is extremely consistent. Strange! It would be nice if the program could distinguish between touch and pen inputs and use touch exclusively for navigating around the canvas. That would make solving my first problem a lot easier, and also allow for things like one-finger scrolling. Just an idea. Oh! One more thing! Scrolling with my fingers is flaky. The position of the canvas jumps at the beginning of the gesture so I just end up at the same position where I started. It’s like swimming against a strong current. How does it know which direction I’m going to try to move in?!? I’m editing this post to mention that some of these problems seem to get worse the longer Photo is open. For example, I just restarted it and I’m zooming and scrolling easily, for the moment. Anyway, thanks a lot for the work you all do. I bought both Photo and Designer a long time ago, but I’ve only recently gotten into the habit of using them routinely because initially the performance wasn’t really there (I’m on a Surface Pro and I like to draw at print resolution). This has improved drastically over time, and it’s really a pleasure to see your products steadily mature.
  2. Pen latency has been on my mind since the new Surface Pro and iPad Pro were announced. I enjoy drawing in Affinity Designer with the brush tool, and I really like some of the fancier brushes, but the appearance of new lines always lags behind my drawing pretty drastically. When using elaborate brushes, would it be practical for Affinity Designer to draw a plain, unstyled line under the stylus immediately and then draw the fancy brush version over it?
  3. I've noticed that Affinity Designer sometimes slows down drastically when I'm using a stylus. I'm not talking about drawing in particular; interacting with the UI is even worse. Simple things like locking a layer or selecting a color sometimes take several seconds. Everything suddenly performs as expected when I use the trackpad instead.
  4. Currently, touchscreen navigation in Windows is done with two fingers. But often Affinity mistakes this gesture for a zoom, or worse, a brushstroke. In my experience, most touchscreen-aware applications distinguish between mouse, pen, and finger input, and interpret a single-finger drag as a scrolling action. It would be nice if Affinity could do the same. Or at least combine zooming and panning. Thank you!
  5. When “Resample” is deselected and you enter your desired DPI, the displayed pixel dimensions change as if you were going to resample. For example, if the image is 200 x 300 at a resolution of 150 dpi, and you enter a resolution of 300 dpi, the pixel dimensions will display as 400 x 600, when they shouldn't change at all. The actual resize operation happens correctly.
  6. Hi everyone! New user here. I've searched the forums and watched several of the tutorial videos but this question doesn't seem to be addressed anywhere yet, so here goes: ​In Illustrator, I hit {Alt, S, M, S} or {Alt, S, M, F} probably about eight billion times a day to select objects in a document by stroke or fill color. I don't see any analogous command anywhere in Affinity Designer. Am I missing something? ​TIA!
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