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  1. Well, I was just looking over the video tutorials and discovered one on NIK plugins........I'll check it out and if I have any more questions, I'll respond back......sorry
  2. I have the NIK Software collection that I was using with Aperture and PS Elements. I assumed this could be used with Affinity, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to add them into Affinity. I guess my question is can the NIK collection be used in Affinity and if so, how do I get them in there under 'plugins'? Thanks TommyD
  3. Thank you. This info helps a lot. I have been converting to TIFF in the past on my old HDR system, because that is what the system liked and what gave me the best results. However, this is my first venture into stacking/focus merging and I was just wondering if there were any time to be saved. After playing with this program for a month now, I'm just starting to get the hang of how everything interrelates, and I absolutely love it - if only my memory were better (I've probably seen some of those videos 4-5 times now and ALL of them at least twice) As well as Photo works on my MAC, I am excited to hear about a DAM app. Do you have a projected date for this? Thanks for your help TommyD
  4. I'm new to Affinity, so your patience is welcome. I have been using Aperture and PS Elements, along with NIK software add-ins, so my learning curve has been lengthly for Affinity. I will have to admit, I am loving Affinity, though....I just repeatedly have to refer to the training videos to remember how to do some things. I know, repetition is the ultimate teacher.... I shoot in raw and usually convert to TIFF to modify after minor adjustments, then to JPEG for any printing or posting. My question to you is: Do you recommend developing all raw images BEFORE adding them into a stack, HDR, Focus Merge, etc.?......OR, can you merge the images in raw and get the same results with processing after the merge? I'm just trying to save a little time, if you know what I mean. Thanks, TommyD
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