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  1. Hello! I'm wondering if Affinity Designer has the option for me to export a file (for instance .jpeg / .png) that will export the web design I made and show the margins / padding between certain objects. This makes it easy for a programmer to program the design in WP / Joomla etc. I quickly made an example and attached it to the topic. The distances are not correct but you get my point. Kind regards, Kevin
  2. Hello, I've recently started using Affinity Designer (2 days ago), while I love the usability I'm missing a tiny feature that makes my life easier while designing (I could not find it on the forums). My request is as followed, is it possible to add a feature when you select 2 or more objects and drag those to the 'new layer' icon that they will be automatically added in a newly created layer? Side note: I might be using the layer function incorrectly in affinity, I could not see the difference between a 'group' and a 'layer' with multiple objects. I'm currently using layers to group a few objects because it gives access to more tools then with a group. Kind regards, Kevin PS: If this function is already available please tell me how to use it.