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  1. Hi Sean,I just made the beta crash in a similar way (I forgot to include a link to this thread the first time I sent the crash report so you may see 2 similar crashes). Code 0x80004003. Copy of my crash description: Hope it helps. By the way, I could not seem to load plugins in the beta (clicking plugins simply did nothing). Not sure if that is normal.Cheers
  2. Oh my god, this is killing me! Can you please look into fixing the curve adjustment layer so that it doesn't crash and I lose my work? This is very frustrating.
  3. Hello, In my case I do not receive an error message and I can still click buttons and stuff in AP but it just won't do anything. What triggers it is usually when I add a curve adjustment. Anyways, let's hope you're right and they fix this! This seems too basic a task for it to be bugged. Happy NYE! Guten Rutsch! Cheers
  4. Hi! I don't know if it's the exact same issue, but quite often when I've been running Affinity Photo for a bit (like 20min +) and I add an adjustment layer (curve adjustment) it kind of freezes. It doesn't look like it's frozen because I can still drag the photo but I can't do much, not even save the image. It freezes without looking like it is frozen - quite frustrating. I'm running it on Win7. I need to restart AP and sometimes when I'm lucky there's a recovery file. Also AP likes to eat up my RAM over time although I close images and don't usually have more than 1-2 open. Best regards!