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  1. Thanks all for your help. Nikon came back to my query to them saying that they 'can confirm that VNX2 is not compatible with Sierra (MacOS 10.12.x) and is also not compatible with some of our latest camera models. The reason for such incompatibility is due to the fact that ViewNX 2 has been discontinued for some time and has been replaced in our software line-up by ViewNX-i. The images appearing correctly in some programs is due to the way that a NEF file is made, where an embedded thumbnail is displayed to represent the image. Some imaging software displays this thumbnail as its a faster means of showing the image compared to using the RAW data. In your case it seems that the RAW data is damaged in some way, explaining why you get the effect you reports when opening the RAW file in certain software that actually uses the RAW data.' I have managed to recover the lost images by using RescuePro software on the camera card which I had formatted; the software managed to recover thousands of images from the card and not just the recent one; I was impressed. So, problem sorted. A few points come to mind: 1. It would have been good if Nikon had used the update check for View NX2 to suggest that it was discontinued; I had no idea that this was the case. 2. Apple support needed a bit of persistence to get them to address the problem as the first person at the end of the chat essentially said that .nef files were not supported as Apple only support RAW files so it wasn't a problem for them. Fortunately, the second person on the help chat was more senior and helped track down the problem to the transfer software. In this case we managed to replicate the problem with NX2 and got around the problem with Image Capture on the Mac. So, don't just give up on help desks if the first answer is nonsense. 3. The hero of the day is SanDisk and the RescuePro software that they provide free with it. Great stuff, well done and thank you. Thanks all for your efforts. Hopefully the above provides a bit of useful info should you have any problems like this in future.
  2. Thanks Sharkey, much appreciated. The firmware is up to date but I will try an earlier version to see if that solves the problem.
  3. Opening .nef files on my iMac brings up a pink/white/black bar on the base of a landscape image and at the side for a portrait image; see attached image. Trying to develop the image does not remove the bar which has, in effect, overwritten the base of the image. Viewing the .nef image as icons or in coverflow in Finder shows an uncorrupted image without a bar, but using the column display shows a black bar instead of the pink/white/black. Nikon's View NX2 shows uncorrupted images. Capture NX-D shows pink/white/black corrupted images but only after uncorrupted images are first shown; the pink/white/black bar is added afterwards. So, uncorrupted images are available on the hard disk, and these can be viewed in Finder and View NX2, but AP fails to use them. To complicate things further, only .nef files from dates in December have this problem, but not .nef files prior to December (I only have 3 days of shots to go on). Is this an update issue? Any ideas as to what might be causing this problem, and how to make AP use the uncorrupted images that are resident on the drive? Thanks for any help you can provide. I am running AP 1.5 and iOS Sierra 10.12.2
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