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  1. Yes thank you, this worked. One question I still have is how do I get those two separate middle parts to line up without a small gap. I'm using the auto snapping to line them up.
  2. Hey guys, sorry that I didn't include any photos or videos, but Aammppaa did exactly what I was attempting to do, here's the file. Try to add all the shapes together, it won't work. Link to file: http://www.filedropper.com/blinklogo
  3. Hello, my name is Brandon and I just recently purchased Affinity Designer for Windows. I'm enjoying my experience, but one thing I always seem to run into while making logos is attempting to add shapes and the shapes just disappearing. For example, today I was trying to add multiple shapes together to create a letter "B". I had two curves for the humps, which were expanded strokes, and I had three horizontal rectangles. One was at the top, one in the middle, and one at the bottom. All the shapes were overlapping and I attempted to select them all and use the "add function". After clicking the button, the shapes just disappeared and I was a left with a blank layer named "curves". I've attempted to recolor the layer and try converted all shapes to curves, but nothing seems to do it. Please help me. Thank you, Brandon Nowak