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    Parsec reacted to Michelangelo_ in modular watercraft illustration   
    HI guys, the is my first work made with AD, normally I use AI (Mac) and CorelDraw (depends on the job).  
    vectors only, AD is a nice App!
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    Parsec reacted to Aeros4 in Designer + Photo = Love   
    Affinity is already a professional grade software, just waiting to get its just share of the market. It wont take long! 
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    Parsec reacted to grayed_out in [AP] Brush strokes are delayed and rough   
    Thanks for the info Parsec.
      Why they would not build in smoothing for brushes leaves me puzzled. To me, this seems to be one of the most basic features. How is one supposed to draw in this application with such badly looking lineart? Even when it comes to normal retouching, like drawing back some hair or similar.
      I want to get some feedback from the developers on this. Normally i would think that this is something they will fix and i just can wait, but since we have to pay for each major version, i don't want to sit on a version that i can't even use right now. Also, this app is out on Mac for quite a while, so if this was there from the start, which i'm not sure of, it would mean that this is of no big concern to Serif.
      In this case i have to make use of the 14 day refund i guess. What a shame.
    I hope i get some response to this soon.
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    Parsec got a reaction from grayed_out in [AP] Brush strokes are delayed and rough   
    I have the exact same problem. I've posted about this before, just in an AD thread about the pixel persona: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/30426-wobbly-lines-ad-15143/?p=157965
    They say they could partially recreate the issue, so we should see some improvements soon. Hopefully that would help for that same problem in AP.
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