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    Designer & Photo won't start on Win10

    Sean / juanmiguelrr I missed these responses as I thought this query had got lost. Apologies, I didn't get a notification of the replies. Both Photo and Designer have now started working. I suspect it is something in Windows that has been updated now. One day it worked, then it didn't for a few days, and then it did. It now seems to be running okay. It is hard to know what caused it and Windows 10 just forces updates when ever it feels like it. I don't have "FastPictureViewer Codec Pack" installed. How do I add my user Data? Thanks F
  2. fsnowden

    Designer & Photo won't start on Win10

    Hi, Thanks for your help, but unfortunately I can't even get as far as the Clear User Data dialogue. It crashes too soon. (I have zipped up a copy of the data)
  3. Hi, I have installed both Designer and Photo on a Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10 and now both have mysteriously stopped working. These are the fully paid versions, not beta. I get the "Designer(/Photo) has stopped working" message. Designer is Photo is Designer Log.txt shows nothing. Photo Log.txt shows nothing. I have had them working briefly after installation to check the installation, but had not had the time to try and use them properly until now. I was particularly keen to try the surface pen with these products. Machine spec is a 256gb, 16gb i7 Surface Pro so I would not anticipate a hardware problem. Things I changed since installtion: -Installed Steam to try Krita Gemini - (now uninstalled) -Installed Microstation CAD (this cannot be uninstalled for work reasons) -Installed Sketchup 2017 Pro (this cannot be uninstalled for work reasons) -I have installed and uninstalled Designer and it still won't start -Installed Krita (desktop) - pressure does not work with surface pen BTW -Windows updated on Monday evening - build is now Version 1607 Build 14393.576 My feeling is that Windows has screwed up, but surely the installation should not be this delicate? Please can you help. F