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  1. The reason for looking in the File command was the help info, I agree with you that it should be in edit menu as part of text. To be honest I am having some difficulties with the program in general finding some of common commands I would expect.
  2. Normally word processors have a provision to change a particular piece of text or word in a document wherever it occurs in the document. If you are acquainted with Serif PagePlus then you would find this very useful.
  3. There does not seem to be an option under the file command to select and replace
  4. Unlike serif pageplus there does not appear to be any tabulation support or how do you get round this in Publisher
  5. I'm a new user to affinity and the tutorials I have viewed show in the file menu an option to scan which seems to have been removed from my version (1.5). How can scanning be done? Under help there is no information. Has this been deliberately removed or will there be an update to cover this requirement?