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    Request: PHOTO - HSL Enhancements

    That is the lacking feature that keeps me from jumping to Affinity Photo as my main worktool. I don't know if it's even in the roadmap yet.
  2. raphaelbonelli

    HSL Color Channel Range Sliders

    This is the lacking feature that keeps me from jumping in definitive to Affinity Photo as my work tool. I don't know if that feature is even on the road map yet.
  3. Every Affinity Photo update I install hoping to see this feature (or something like that) implemented. Until then, I still need to use Photoshop do to some skin corrections. There is no ETA for this feature? It's not even in the roadmap yet.
  4. I second that request. This feature is very important to retouch skin with small red bruises and/or spots, because you need to affect a very tight color range without touching the other. At the momento, is the only feature lacking for me to definitively jump to Affinity as my main work tool.
  5. raphaelbonelli

    Introduce Yourself

    My name is Raphael Bonelli. I´m a brazilian graphic designer with a background in Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom. I've bought Affinity Designer and Photo in the end of 2016 - as an alternative to Adobe Applications and i´m just loving it, already using both in my professional jobs. I hope to contribute and learn a lot with you all. Long live to Affinity.

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